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Journalology helps editors and publishing professionals get better at their craft,
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Creating influential journals is hard

Journals play a vital role in the scholarly ecosystem by combating misinformation and by providing scientific leadership to the communities they serve. However, their editors and publishers face significant challenges.

Open access models often require quantity over quality
Bad actors are creating fake content
Editors and peer reviewers are overworked
Learning and development resources are lacking

James Butcher, The Journalologist

Creating an impactful journal is challenging. However, there are tried and tested editorial and publishing strategies that can be used to build a journal’s brand and attract more and better submissions.

There’s no need to go it alone. It’s much easier, and more rewarding, to be guided by someone with a proven track record.

Hello, I’m James Butcher. I’ve spent the past 20 years working at two of the most influential scientific publishers: first as Executive Editor at The Lancet and then as the leader of the Nature journals.

I now help editors and publishing professionals create impactful scholarly journals. My weekly newsletter gets sent to 4000 people.

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James Butcher

Journalology offers three core services


The scholarly publishing environment is changing fast. Even the most seasoned publisher can benefit from independent advice from someone who has managed a leading portfolio of journals.

I can help you to build a successful portfolio strategy and manage your journals effectively.

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Most business coaches work across multiple industries and are unable to provide useful insight into scholarly publishing. The Journalology coaching programme is different.

If you want to be coached by a publishing expert with a proven track record, please contact me.

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Senior managers need to re-energise and inspire their teams in hybrid-working environments. 

I can provide event attendees with a unique perspective on scholarly publishing. You can engage me to speak at departmental meetings, away days, or editorial board meetings.

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